Testing is the bane of my existence

Been putting the finishing touches on a new site for the past week or so. Things are looking good, but it’s often difficult to quantify to your boss/client that you need to spend 4-6 hours squashing cross browser bugs, and you need to be pretty thorough.  From a business perspective, it’s pretty simple really. I won’t be telling designers anything new, but for you business people, here’s why you want your designer/developers to squash all those pesky cross browser issues.

  • There’s just too many versions of too many browsers out there to deal with. Chances are, that there’s a lot of them coming to your site. You don’t want to suddenly blow off 1000+ visitors a month do you?
  • Browser adoption is slow.  There’s still millions of people using Internet Explorer 6. A browser that was released 10 years ago.  Some of them are just lazy, but many are corporate users locked into IE6 due to some proprietary web application they must use on a daily basis.  They are probably used to the web looking kinda weird, but the site should at least be readable for these folks.
  • Choice is the spice of life.  People switch browsers and they do so frequently. I currently use Chrome on a day to day basis, but still have Firefox and IE8 installed just in case. You never know.

One thing you shouldn’t overlook is mobile testing.  do you need to have an iPhone friendly version of your site? How will your site render on the iPad?

From a business standpoint, it makes no sense to plant a stake in the ground on a single browser or version. Check your analytics, see what’s coming to your site and support it as best you can.

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  1. On April 14, 2010 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    Good point. As a designer I am more aware of this, but it’s good to point out the true value of being so thorough with your testing. Thanks for your insight.

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